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Vyktoria,PieTownSoap,ExiScentials: NEWS

Almost fame and fortune - April 11, 2017

In March of 2017 Pie Town Soap was contacted by Hatch TV to
showcase for their panel of judges. The show pitches
goods from creative entrepreneurs to corporate stores and
financiers. They discovered Pie Town Soap while preparing
to shoot a pilot in Phoenix and pushed hard for us to
participate, almost guaranteeing a slot on their show in LA
later this Spring. However..when they sent the contract, things
were not so cool...they wanted us to "sign away all right and trademarks
forever and everywhere" etc etc. So we said..uh.."no thanks'!
But it was nice to be in the running...

PRIVATE LABEL SOAP - April 11, 2017

I am pleased to announce that I have created an exciting new
private label line of soaps and misters for The Connor Hotel
under the name of Jerome Soapworks. Check them out next
time you're in Jerome!

The White Chair in Lakeside is another private label account
added recently. This unique shop is amazing!

Small personalized bars of handmade soap make perfect
wedding favors! I made 200 bars for a wedding this April
with a birch tree bark theme, carved initials and a gold
heart charm. Cute stuff.

Live music calendar - May 25, 2016

There are no shows..
I am back in retirement from performing
live..unless I get a call from Peter Gabriel ;-)

NEW PRODUCTS! - February 8, 2016

I am pleased to announce the addition of several new
products to the Pie Town Line....

refresh toys and scratching posts with no mess!
Want your cat to show more affection?
Mist yourself and watch them purrrr...
$7.00 2oz


Beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, apricot oil, vitamin e
fragrance & essential oils in an oval balm tube

AMBER ROMANCE: amber, lavender & vanilla
FAIRY: strawberry & wildflowers
MYSTIQUE: rose, cinnamon, lavender
OCEAN: fresh beachy scent


FESTIVE SEASONAL SOAPS! - September 17, 2015

Looking for the gift that everyone needs?
Here are the tantalizing seasonal scents
from Pie Town Soap!

POMANDER: orange, neroli, ginger & clove
WITCHY POO: rose, cinnamon, lavender and patchouli
BELL BOOK & CAT: amber, vanilla & lavender
SPICED PEAR: bartlett pear, clove & cinnamon
HARVEST: pumpkin, spice & dried fruit

WASSAIL: mulberry, cranberry, clove & lemon
YULETIDE: bayberry, spruce & tangerine
PEPPERMINT SNOW: peppermint & vanilla
WINTER SPICE: orange, peppermint, clove & cinnamon
FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH: traditional scent

SHOWS - August 5, 2015

I am currently taking a break from performing
(unless a major tour presents itself)
My last show was in Feb of 2014.
I do enjoy playing music in my living room
for my cats. :-)

The Art of Soap Open House at Turquoise Spider during the Jerome Art Walk - March 27, 2015

The Art of Soap Open House at Turquoise Spider during the Jerome Art Walk
Trying to find a new way to clean up your act and have fun doing it? Stop by Turquoise Spider during the Art Walk and meet Vyktoria Keating of Pie Town Soap, who blends sound and scent to create a mini-spa experience for you each day.
Vyktoria’s misters can be used by Miss, Ms., or Mrs. alike. Aromatherapy misters contain essential oils and distilled water only, making these misters some of the most natural on the market today.
Stop by Turquoise Spider during the Jerome Art Walk and find so many wonderful ways to clean up your act and smell great while doing it!

HELP THE DOGGIES! - July 14, 2014

My friend Nancy Cummings Gazaille runs an animal rescue shelter for dogs
in Stratford CT., called Sarah Rescue. We met online as she uses my sage and
spirit spray and has been talking up my products and sharing them with her friends.
If you have a place in your heart for animals , I urge you to take a look
at her website For a very small donation, you can
make a difference in the lives of these sweet angels on earth. Nancy
has one of the biggest hearts I know and I applaud and support her work.


Pie Town Soap Open House - January 12, 2014

PIE TOWN SOAP OPEN HOUSE 1/18 and 1/19 2pm-5pm
Stop by Pie Town Soap in Cornville for an afternoon
of good clean fun! Free soap samples, refreshments,
live music, and sales on fine handmade soap & bath items.
Soapmaker Vyktoria Keating will be there to answer your
questions and, if requested, sign your bar of soap!
9530 Cornville rd Suite B (in the Windmill Gardens Center)
Cornville. 928-204-0537

"Things" gets new life! - November 29, 2011

I am very pleased to announce that my CD "Things That Fall From The Sky" will be re-packaged, re-mastered and re-released in early 2011. The Cdw as produced by the amazing Andrew Giddings, long-time keyboardist for Jethro Tull. Andrew just released his first solo CD titled "Picture This" this Fall and recently contacted me about re-releasing 'Things" with a minor facelift and selling it alongside his CD. This is great news! you can check out Andrews work at

October 2011 EVENTS & HAPPENINGS - October 10, 2011

NEW CD! I have released a new Celtic CD titled:
"Errant Fairies and Murderous Maidens" this will
be available October 21st. It is live and was recorded in the excellent
acoustics of Bent River Books & Music in August of this year.
You can order your copy for $15 (that includes shipping) to:
Vyktoria Keating PO Box 985 Clarkdale AZ 86324 or pick one up at a show!

OCTOBER 21st "HAUNTING HOUSE CONCERT" (and CD & Soap release!)
Creepy Celtic and Eerie Originals from 7-9pm at a lovely large home in
Cottonwood all decked out for Halloween. $10 includes music, treats & fun!
I will have some very special handmade soaps available this night as well
as my new Celtic CD! This event is by RESERVATION ONLY! me
at to RSVP and I will email you back directions.

I am excited to play in the new Bent River space at 1010 N Main in Cottonwood
There will be the usual great vibes, good friends and yummy refreshments plus
all my weird songs including, Frogs, Spider, Disembodied Voices, ETs and more!

"BUFFALO" ON PADDY KEENAN CD - October 19, 2010

Uilleann piper Paddy Keenan from Bothy Band fame is putting together
an album of his travels and is including a track from from my cd,
Blue Apples. Recorded in Charlottesville, VA in 1992, Paddy piped stellarly on a few cuts including "Buffalo" and he will be using that track on his new CD due for release in April 2008.

The Cd will have some of his own material and some live recordings.
There's a track written by Paddy and Steve Morse, guitarist from Dixie Dregs, now lead guitarist with Deep Purple. There's a track with Afel Boucoum nephew of Ali Farkatoure, Mali Africa; a singer guitarist from Japan singing folk song in Japanese, and many more intersting and diverse cuts.

Paddy writes:
"The song Buffalo would fit very well with a piece I wrote in honor of  Chief Black Kettle of the Sand Creek massacre."

Highly Recommended Book! - February 3, 2010

My friend Carl Hitchens has just released an incredible book called "Sitting With Warrior".
to check it out: 1-800-288-4677


The best way to find out where I am playing is to sign up on the email list.
You can sign up here on this website or simply email me at: and I will add you to the list.

Vyktoria and The Secrets Reunite - October 19, 2009

Sorry to say this show has been cancelled. I've decided to postpone any band gigs til after the New Year for family reasons.

I have put my awesome rock band back together. Our first gig is Nov 5th.
see the show listings for more info

KUDOS article - July 7, 2009

The wonderful arts and entertainment paper for Sedona and the Verde Valley has done a great interview and story with some cool pictures. Thanks to editor Dan Engler for an accurate and intelligent review. Click on the link below to see the full article

Coast to Coast Am plays Vyktoria - July 6, 2009

My favorite talk show in the world,
Coast to Coast AM played my song "Into The Amazon" as part of their bumper music on July 5th 2009.
The show, hosted by George Noory, is heard by millions of listeners all around the world and specializes in UFO, parannormal, conspiracy and alternative news topics with top researchers, authors and experts.

New VPK CD, Re-issues and More! - June 30, 2009

Hello Friends and Fans!

I am very excited to offer several new items for sale, a re-issue of
my CD from the Jethro Tull tour (complete with Ian playing flute!)
and more.

I am very excited to offer the following exclusively to my fans:

Item #1 SOMETHING ABOUT DRIVING CD Live from the Jethro Tull tour that I opened in 1999 all over the US and UK. 9 songs and 8 intros (these intros are all great raps,
most of them over 1 minute long relating humorous stories etc) There is a GRAND introduction from Ian Anderson himself, as well as members of Tull backing me up
on a few songs. The CD features the original artwork, 6 panel insert and tray card in jewel box. PRICELESS but you pay only $20!

Item #2 GREATEST HITS CD "MONUMENTAL" I am happy to say I have made the ultimate compilation CD. 15 songs including cuts from Blue Apples, This Guardian at Noon,
one song from Something About Driving, an AWESOME version of "Spider" that I thought was long lost (produced in 1995 by Christian Quick), a live version of "You and Me" from a recent show with Ralf Illenberger that just rocks, a full length version of "Holy Day" from 1997 with harp, synth and flute, AND a brand spankin NEW song never before released entitled
"The Face on Mars". This song was recorded by Billy Moss (of Stevie Nicks fame) and features great bass, sitar and keys..very cool.
YOURS for only $15!

Item #3 JETHRO TULL MEMORABILIA PACKAGE This features a copy of Something About Driving (personally autographed), a very cool Tour Book, handmade and put together from all my photos and memorabilia from the Jethro Tull tour (set lists, journal notes, posters, itinerary etc)
20 pages color and b&w. AND a bonus CD of the original messages that Ian Anderson left on my answering machine in 1998 PLUS a long lost recording of my old band in Virginia doing my favorite Tull song "Inside". The recording features Greg Howard (of Dave Matthews fame) on Chapman Stick and includes some funny banter too. So to re-cap, this mega package contains the LIVE Tull tour CD, The Tull Tour Book, and bonus CD!
PRICELESS but you can have it for $35!

Item #4 A PIECE OF VYKTORIA'S GUITAR! Yep that's right. In order to buy a new guitar, (I rolled over my favorite Takamine with my CAR..TWICE, in the parking lot of a gig in March) I am auctioning off pieces of my old one that got smooshed. This guitar has a RICH history and was my favorite. It played over 2000 shows and has shared the stage with many musical
luminaries. It was at Kerrvillle, Telluride, all over the place from 1994-2009. Imagine this...your
very own chunk of guitar (approx 2x3 inches), handsomely framed with a background of text telling
the history of the guitar. Each one unique and numbered and autographed. A true "piece of art"
and a great conversation piece. There will only be 50 of these available.
TRULY PRICELESS but yours for $25!

Irem #5 THE WHOLE NINE YARDS everything above for the one low price of $65


Fee free to pass this email along to any music lovers and Jethro Tull fans you might know.
Vyktoria Pratt Keating

Pluto Experience DVD! - June 29, 2009

Edited from 2 workshops in Sedona
2 hours...$25 send check or mo
to Vyktoria Pratt Keating PO Box 985
Clarkdale AZ 86324
Gavin Carruthers & Vyktoria present: The Pluto Experience
Astrology, Music, Myth & Healing

Pluto returns - May 30, 2009

I am happy to announce that Gavin and I will be presenting the PLuto Experience at a new venue...Sedona Heartwalk. See the shows link for details, directions.

Gavin Carruthers & Vyktoria present: The Pluto Experience
Astrology, Music, Myth & Healing
Join with a group of other spiritual
seekers on a journey of self-discovery
and self-healing. Astrologers and teachers
Gavin Carruthers and Vyktoria Keaing will
weave the 5,000 year old Sumerian myth
of Inanna and Ereshkigal throughout the evening,
bringing Plutonian symbolism to life through
lecture, music, story-telling and meditation.
The astrological Pluto represents the urge to
get in touch with that which is most true and
most real in our lives. In these extraordinary
times in which we are living, we are all being
challenged as never before to honor our
spiritual truth, to honor the deeper reasons
for us being on planet Earth at this time. 
The Pluto Experience helps us to clarify, empower
and embolden our lives.  The evening will feature
4 Plutonian songs by Vyktoria.

ASTROMUSE SHOW - March 1, 2009

The Pluto Experience Returns! with Gavin Carruthers. Saturday April 4th 2009 from 7pm-9pm at Unity Sedona. We will blend astrological monologue, music, myth, and guided imagery.
$20. 65 Deer Trail in West Sedona

VPK reads your stars! - January 3, 2009


ASTROLOGICAL READINGS: Having studied for 12 years and reading
professionally for 7, I offer personalized astrological readings, taped or in person. These are very comprehensive, not a "generic printed astrology profile".
The reading is taped, 90 minutes, and the cost is $150. Email me for more info.

Personalized natal and transit
readings. Inspiring and illuminating,
helping you to better align your life
& goals with your soul’s intent.

Vyktoria's penetrating insights and the ability to communicate in a compassionate and enlightening way, have been a source of inspiration to many. She draws on myth, alchemical symbolism and psychological tools of transformation that honor us as co-creators. She has studied with Liz Greene at the CPA in London and Gavin Carruthers in Sedona AZ.

Free Will is ours with every choice we make. An astrological
reading helps to clarify those choices and our best times and
avenues for maximizing our understanding, success, healing, growth, and bettering our relationships with each other and ourselves.

"Your visionary & interpretive gifts are outstanding.- that was the most
sensitive & insightful description of my personality, goals, problems I’ve
ever received over all the years I’ve had my chart done!” Rena Gorlin DC

“It is uncanny how right you were with virtually every aspect of my life. I plan on taking your advice!” Alan Rogowski, Chicago IL

“Thanks for the excellent reading. I found it to be right on the money.
I truly value your insights and compassion”
Joanne Stato Baltimore MD

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