My approach is called "Seed Packet Astrology".  My purpose is to uplift you thru looking at your chart with a special lens that beams in on your magnificence!  

We are all familiar with a packet of seeds for flowers.  On the cover of the pack is a picture of the flower in its ideal condition, its prime, when given the right soil, water, sun etc.  Your astrological chart is like that.  While it certainly contains info about your wounds and challenges, it also conveys a very clear picture of what your highest ideal would be.  It shows your unique brilliance, talents and gifts, even if they have never been used.  Once we know that info, it is something that can work in many amazing ways.  It will start to influence us to stretch into those dreams and gifts and ideals that we might've only had hints of. It activates a new awareness that will rejuvenate and enliven you on whatever level you choose.  It gives us "permission" to be more truly our authentic self. 

Wouldn't it be refreshing to have a totally unbiased look at the deeper, more magnificent you?  To have your strengths, gifts, talents, areas of luck and grace presented in a way that highlights and reinforces this positive energy and information?  They say the shadow contains all the negative qualities we disown in ourselves..but it also contains as much or even more of the positive qualities and gifts that we don't truly own or understand.   

I have been an astrologer for 20 years, though not always actively doing charts.  Presently I am doing chart interpretations that are a typed reading (no in person readings for now) They are $75 ( a full live chart reading would normally be $150) so this is a good affordable way to peek into your chart.  

Please email me at for more info and for the birth data info I will need to do your chart.