Errant Fairies & Murderous Maidens

Live from Bent River Books...a great recording of all Celtic material. Out of stock

Things That Fall From The Sky

Produced by keyboardist Andrew Giddings of Jethro Tull, Things is a lush, artful, sonic masterpiece. Featuring Vyktoria's most paranormal and forteanesque subjects ranging from Black Helcopters, Mutating Frogs, EVP (Disembodied Voices on Tape), The Underworld (Pluto Pluto), Death (Strange Mistake), Past Lives (Yer Dead), along with the tuneful popness of Spider, a longtime favorite of VPK fans. 12 songs. To order: or send $15 check or money order to Vyktoria Pratt Keating PO Box 985 Clarkdale AZ 86324 CD Baby

This Guardian At Noon

Vyktoria's 2nd CD produced by VPK and Christian Quick. Very mellow, spacey, mystical and numinous. Layered guitars, backward loop tracks, sitar, dumbek, chimes, bells. Subjects include Dreams (When I Dream), Astrology (Venus Direct), Holographic Universe (Multitudinous), Oil Spills (Rainbow Black), Entrainment (Do We Entrain?), St. Germain (Germain) and more. To order: or send $15 check or money order to: Vyktoria Pratt Keating PO Box 985 Clarkdale AZ 86324 cdbaby

Monumental (a compilation CD)

15 songs including cuts from Blue Apples, This Guardian at Noon, one song from Something About Driving, an AWESOME version of "Spider" that I thought was long lost (produced in 1995 by Christian Quick), a live version of "You and Me" from a recent show with Ralf Illenberger that just rocks, a full length version of "Holy Day" from 1997 with harp, synth and flute, AND a brand spankin NEW song never before released entitled "The Face on Mars". This song was recorded by Billy Moss (of Stevie Nicks fame) and features great bass, sitar and keys..very cool. YOURS for only $15! (includes S&H)

Blue Apples

Vyktoria's first CD produced by VPK and Bob Read (of Trapezoid and Bruce Hornsby band) Amazing, upbeat acoustic pop production featuring: Paddy Keenan (Uillean Pipes) Pete Kennedy (Guitars) Robert Jospe (Drums & percussion) Dennis Espantman (Bass) Rick Schmidt (Cello, Viola, Violin) Bob Vasile (Bazouki) Fred Boyce (banjo) Akira Otsuka (Mandolin) VPK (vocals and guitar) Bob Read (keyboards) 13 songs including: Buffalo, NY-10-11-91, Into The Amazon,Boy with a Kite, 10-Step Stairs & more! Out of stock

Something About Driving

Live from the Jethro Tull tour that I opened in 1999 all over the US and UK. 9 songs and 8 introductions (these intros are all great raps most of them over 1 minute long relating humorous stories etc) There is a GRAND introduction from Ian Anderson himself, as well as members of Tull backing me up on a few songs. The CD features the original artwork, 6 panel insert and tray card in jewel box. Out of stock

Past Lives

Dear Friends and Fans! I am pleased to announce the release of my new CD "Past Lives" It is a very special CD of studio releases, demos and old bands of mine from 1983 to 1991!! From my groups with Jay Keating and Akira Otsuka to the very early years with Backstreet Rhythm Band. It's full of surprises! The CD features 20 songs with 15 originals (13 of which never before released) and 5 covers! Order yours for $15 (add $3 shipping for 1st Cd and $1 per additional CD) To: Vyktoria Pratt Keating PO Box 985 Clarkdale AZ 86324 Track List: 1983- with Backstreet Rhythm Band Message of Love (Pretenders) Fast Buck Freddie (Airplane) 1985-8 track demo with Pete Kennedy on Guitar Textures of the Forest Primrose Hold On Devan 1988-with AV (VPK & Jay Keating band)) from the studio release "Bohemians in a Bourgeois Town" Up to You Dancin in the Rain (Jay Keating) 1989- solo studio Racin The Sun 1990-with Daddy Long Legs (w/ mandolinist Akira Otsuka & band) Backwoods (Becca Davidson) Sylvie How Many Hearts Slipstream Shame of Doing Wrong (Richard Thompson) 1991- 4 track demos (w/ cool percussion & harmonies) Open Inner Sky DinosaurGummyBear Women in the Country My Mother's House Marching Into Paradise  Out of stock


Traditional Christmas tunes done with an ethereal, ambient, snowy vibe. Just VPK on open tuned acoustic guitar with light production..guaranteed to give one chills (good chills). Out of stock

After The Gathering

Traditional and contemporary Celtic tunes, recorded live on St. Patrick's Day 2007 in Charlottesville VA. To order: send $13 check or money order to: Vyktoria Pratt Keating PO Box 985 Clarkdale AZ 86324 (includes S&H)